General Office Chair VS Executive Office Chair

The main differences between a General and an Executive Office Chair As you might expect, an Executive Chair is of a higher specification than a General Chair. Of course, this is not to say that an executive chair is necessarily better than a general chair. They just both have different appearances and purposes.   In basic principal, here are […]

Reception Area Design That Invites Business

Your mother always told you not to judge a book by its cover, but in the world of business, first impressions are crucial. Regardless of the type of practice you own, a patient’s opinion of your business begins the moment he or she walks through the front door. The more welcoming the space, the better […]

Bury the Office Blues this Winter

Gone are the vibrant leaves of fall and the anticipation of cool breezes. As the wind turns bitter cold and the shortened days keep closing in, the winter blues come calling too. The routine remains the same but changes in the season mean arriving to and leaving work in the dark, thus missing out on […]

The perfect chair to support Heavy Users

It is ideal to start the day off at work seated in the appropriate office chair, especially if you are a largly built person. In fact, where and how you sit is as important as ensuring that you are nutritionally healthy. If you are somewhat overweight or larger than the normal person, it is even more […]

Office Organisation For Efficiency In The Workplace!

Clearing out office clutter requires an understanding of the factors that contribute to disorganisation in the first place. The process is as much mental as mechanical. Before starting the organizing process, ask yourself the hard questions about your clutter: Are existing systems getting the job done, or are they contributing to clutter? Is lack of […]

Does your Boardroom Design Scream Business?

Boardroom tables are the pivotal point in the conference room,here are some tips to ensure you are portraying the right message! The first thing to consider is what it is you want your boardroom to say. Most people would agree that this should be a space, which reflects on your company and emphasizes the attitude […]

The Chair that Invests in You

ergonomics ˌəːɡəˈnɒmɪks/ noun the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. How effective is your chair in helping with those back aches ? We often walk into shops or go online and look for the chair that will match our décor or theme, how ever these chairs are 90% of the time dreadfully uncomfortable! […]

Office Trends that improve the Office Space

As we continue with 2018, millennia’s will continue to influence the direction of office design as the stream in as new additions to your office! To get them to reach their full potential, your office space needs to be designed according to what drives them! First of all, this generation wants a career that offers […]

Why office plants are key

It’s amazing what a difference adding office plants to an office space can make. You don’t realise it when they aren’t there but once you’ve introduced plants there’s no turning back! As well as being visually pleasing there are an abundance of benefits that office plants have in a working environment – be it your […]