We have a large selection of boardroom tables in various sizes to suit any space, and accommodate any number of people. Styles range from traditional, to modern and contemporary.

  • White Line Boardroom Table

    This beautiful modern table has a white line between the melamine layers to create a 48mm top.  This table is made to order and the colour can be changed
    Availability : 2-3 weeks
  • Partners Boardroom Table

    A range of locally made tables in Antique Mahogany or Dark Mahogany veneer with black leather inlay.  ALso available in cherry or imbuia wood.
    Availability : 3-4 weeks
  • Evolution Boardroom Table

    Melamine range of tables in various sizes with a perspex inlay.   Tables are made in any colour melamine
    Availability : 3-4 weeks
  • Revolution Standing Boardroom Table

    This brilliant concept is ideal for quick meetings where a few people stand around a boardroom table rather than the traditional seated set up.  The Revolution standing boardroom table is...
    Availability : 2-3 weeks
  • Premier Boardroom Table

    The Premier boardroom table range is a beautifully made wooden range of boardroom tables made in different sizes and matches the Premier desk range.  The Premier boardroom table is available in...
    Availability : 4-6 weeks
  • Sante Fe Boardroom Table

    Boardroom table range in a variety of sizes with a sandblasted glass inlay in the 12 seater
  • Jamaica Boardroom Table

    The Jamaica boardroom table range varies from a 10 seater to a 22 seater.  The table is made with a 50mm melamine top with a duco inlay.  Power docks are optional.  The Jamiaca table...
    Availability : 3-4 weeks
  • Modular Veneer Table

    A table which can be extended to fit any boardroom by adding straight pieces, available in veneer
    Availability : 3-4 weeks
  • Nexus Boardroom Table

    A veneer table range with inlay available in any wood type
    Availability : 3-4 weeks
  • Cordia Boardroom Table

    A veneer range of boardroom tables in various sizes and types of wood
    Availability : 3-4 weeks
  • Matrix Boardroom Table

    Wooden table range with sand blased glass inlay available in different wood types
  • Revolution Boardroom Table

    A sleek, modern design which is locally made with a steel spine underframe.  The Revolution range is available in mahogany, white, oak, maple and cherry 32mm melamine
  • Uffix Boardroom Table

    A veneer table range with a under frame with wooden or aluminium legs in various types of wood
  • Boston 70mm Boardroom tables

    Boston tables in various sizes with a 70mm solid top in oak or mahogany.  Also available in cherry, imbuia, maple and beech
  • Admiral Boardroom Table

    Warm mahogany veneer boardroom table with wall units, bookcase and glass door bookcase
  • San Angelo

    Veneer boardroom table range with inlay in various wood types
    Availability : 3-4 weeks
  • Execuline Boardroom Table

    A 50mm edge veneer range with a large selection of desks, cupboards, drawers, boardroom tables, server units and cocktail cupboards.  The range is available in cherry veneer, oak veneer, maple...
  • Discovery Modular Table

    This modular table consists of rectangular pieces with half circle sides on silver pole legs and can be made in oak, cherry, white, burgundy mahogany.
  • Trennline Boardroom Table

    Wooden range of tables, server units, cupboards and cocktail unit in any type wood finish from maple, oak, cherry, imbuia and mahogany
  • Sonztek Boardroom Table

    A dark cherry veneer table range with a beautiful matching server unit.  The table is ex stock and is available from a 8 seater with leather inlays to a 18 seater with leather inlays and a...
    Availability : 3-5 days
  • Tokyo Veneer Boardroom Table

    A wooden table range with sandblasted glass inlay in mahogany or oak
    Availability : 4-6 weeks
  • Atlanta V-leg table with inlay

    Mahogany or oak veneer boardroom table range with a sandblasted glass inlay and distinctive V-shaped legs
  • Starline Boardroom Table

    Bow shaped table available in any colour wood, from maple, cherry, oak, mahogany, this range can be supported by panel or barrel legs and the tops can be rectangular, oval or bow shaped
    Availability : 2-3 weeks
  • Eclipse

    Veneer tops on silver or black dome legs from a 4 seater to a 20 seater available in any wooden top
  • Pacific Modular Table

    The Pacific boardroom table consists of desks and corner links in chocolate melamine and this can be adapted to suit any number of seats
    Availability : 3-5 days
  • Aquella Boardroom Table

    A range of oval shaped tops with a inlay in any wood type, from a 12 seater to a 18 seater
    Availability : 3-4 weeks
  • Lyzo Boardroom Table

    Melamine table range available in different sizes and any colour
  • Forest Boardroom Table

    A range of boardroom tables in different designs which are available ex stock with superior finish at very reasonable prices.  The Forest boardroom table range is imported...
    Availability : 3-5 days
  • Tempo 22 Boardroom Table

    The Tempo 22 boardroom tables are made from 22mm melamine and can range from 1800x1200 to 2400x1200 with panel legs and a modesty panel.  Any colour from maple to burgandy mahogany is available
  • Systems with Curved Alu Legs

    Melamine table range with curved legs and tops can be made in any colour melamine