Canteen Tables

A large range of canteen tables including aluminium foil tables, glass tops with plastic weave, Werzalite tops and laminate plywood veneer in natural maple, light imbuia or dark imbuia.

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  • Grog Canteen Table

    Grog Canteen Table

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  • Banquet Table

    Banquet Table

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  • Diablo Bar Table

    Diablo Bar Table

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  • Folding Catering Table

    Folding Catering Table

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  • Jupiter Canteen Table

    Jupiter Canteen Table

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  • Sangria Canteen Table

    Sangria Canteen Table

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  • Werzalit Table Bases

    Werzalit Table Bases

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  • Werzalit Tops & Bases

    Werzalit Tops & Bases

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  • Werzalit Tops Only

    Werzalit Tops Only

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