We carry an extensive range of floor standing and desk fitted screens and dividers. Perfect to improve privacy in cluster desk configurations and call centres.

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  • Cashier Screen – Acrylic

    Cashier Screen – Acrylic

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  • Reception Counter Screen

    Reception Counter Screen

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  • Ceiling Hanging Screen – Framed

    Ceiling Hanging Screen – Framed

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  • Desk Based Screens

    Desk Based Screens

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  • Poly Carbon Desk Screens

    Poly Carbon Desk Screens

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  • Floor Standing – Material and Glass

    Floor Standing – Material and Glass

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  • Aluminium Framed Desk Screen

    Aluminium Framed Desk Screen

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  • Revolution Evo Screen

    Revolution Evo Screen

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  • Glass Screens on Bullets

    Glass Screens on Bullets

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  • Floor Standing Screens – Aluminium

    Floor Standing Screens – Aluminium

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  • Budget Desk Fitted Screen

    Budget Desk Fitted Screen

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