• Omega Reception Unit

    The Omega reception unit has a raised tempered glass counter top and can be made in different colour combinations, single or double units
    Availability : 2-3 weeks
  • Counterwise Reception Unit

    The Counterwise reception unit makes a dramatic first impression.  Modular desk top perforated panels designed to fit standard desk tops.  These units can be in black or silver perforated...
  • Partners Reception Unit

    Beautifully made reception unit for executive offices, available in Antique Mahogany, Dark Mahogany or on request in Cherry or imbuia wood
    Availability : 4-6 weeks
  • Boston Reception Counter

    The Boston reception unit consist of a gently curved desk featuring a brushed aluminium front panel with 3 silver supporting pillars and a floating work and counter top.  The Boston reception...
  • Chrystal Reception Unit

    The Chrystal reception unit is imported and only available as per the picture.  The Chrystal reception unit is available from the end of October 2014
    Availability : 3-5 days
  • Light Panel Reception

    The Light Panel reception unit is imported and available within 3 to 5 days    
    Availability : 3-5 days
  • Curved Reception Unit

    The Curved reception unit is a soft flowing design and can be manufactured in most melamine colours.  The countertop is raides and the unit is finished with a perforated silver plate
    Availability : 2-3 weeks
  • Salon Reception Unit

    A new sleek design reception unit with storage in a wide range of melamine colours
    Availability : 2-3 weeks
  • Beta Reception Unit

    The Beta reception unit is made to order in 4 different sizes.  Colour combination is according to your specification
    Availability : 2-3 weeks
  • Workwize Reception Unit

    A large curved counter featuring a perforated steel panel, ideally suited to a busy reception. The reception counter is 2827x800dx1130h with a removable top and the base splits in two.  These...
    Availability : 3-4 weeks
  • Candy Reception Unit

    The Candy reception unit has a glass front and available from the end of October 2014. Imported product, subject to stock availability
    Availability : 3-5 days
  • April Reception Unit

    This melamine unit is only available as pictured and available as a stock item
    Availability : 3-5 days
  • Discovery Reception Units

    Melamine reception units in L-shape or straight in oak, cherry, maple or mahogany melamine with silver panel trim
    Availability : 2-3 weeks
  • New Age Reception Unit

    The New Age reception unit is made to order and can be a combination of 11 different melamine colours. 
    Availability : 2-3 weeks
  • Euro Reception Unit

    Melamine reception with modern clean lines to compliment any reception area
    Availability : 4-6 weeks
  • Evolution Reception Unit

    Melamine reception unit which can be made in any colour combination in 3 different sizes
    Availability : 4-6 weeks
  • Square Line Reception Unit

    Melamine reception unit with square detail made in any colour melamine
    Availability : 4-6 weeks
  • Alpha Reception Unit

    The Aplha reception unit is L-shaped and is made to order in different colours and 3 different sizes
    Availability : 2-3 weeks
  • Econowise Reception Unit

    Simple bold unit wiht silver prorated steel counter panel. The Econowise reception unit can be fitted with an optional extension top with a desk high pedestal.  The Econowise reception unit is...
  • Swing Reception Unit

    A modern design 1800x1200mm L-shaped reception unit with silver trim available in any colour melamine with two drawer fitted pedestal
  • Euroline Reception Unit

    High reception unit with a L-shaped working area with our without a set of drawers in 1800x1800 or 1800x1600.  This unit can be made in any colour melamine, price for a 1800x1800 with a desk...
  • Curve Reception Unit

    Locally made reception unit in any colour melamine with optional storage
    Availability : 4-6 weeks
  • Cayman Reception Unit

    L shaped melamine reception unit made in any colour
  • Eclipse Reception Unit

    The Eclipse is a modern design with perforated steel plates and can be rectangular or L-shaped.  The Eclipse reception unit can be made in different colours
    Availability : 2-3 weeks
  • Cinderella Reception

    The Cinderella reception unit has glass squares as a feature in the front centre and it is available as a stock product (subject to stock availability)
    Availability : 3-5 days
  • Cascade Reception Counter

    The Cascade reception counter is a standard rectangular counter which can be turned into a L-shape by adding a side cabinet  
    Availability : 3-4 weeks
  • Omega Reception

    The glass countertop on silver risers makes the Omega a timeless design and this reception unit can be made in a single as well as a double unit from 1800mm to 2400mm for a single and double the...
    Availability : 3-4 weeks
  • Kitty Hawk Reception Unit

    The Kitty Hawk is a 2100x2000mm unit and can be made in most melamine colours
    Availability : 3-4 weeks
  • Sonztek Reception Unit

    1800mm compact reception unit in dark cherry veneer, available ex stock
    Availability : 3-5 days
  • Modular Reception Unit

    Made locally this design consists of different length modules which can be combined to suit any reception area
    Availability : 3-4 weeks